Richard Foster


Windlesham House School 2007-2020

Richard Foster was educated at Kenton College, Nairobi, Kenya, and then Clifton College, Bristol, UK before attending Exeter University, where he qualified to become a teacher gaining a B.Ed. Hons Degree.  He has just retired from Windlesham House School where he has been Headmaster for the past 13 years. Previously Headmaster of S.Anselm’s School, Bakewell, Derbyshire ( 1993 -2007 ) and Headmaster of Pembroke House School, Kenya  ( 1984 -1993 ), he is one of the most experienced Prep School Heads in the world. He still retains the record of being the youngest 1APS Head to ever be appointed and on retirement in July 2020 will have been a Headmaster for no fewer than 35 years  (105 terms!)

Richard was a Governor and member of the Education Committee of Dulwich College for 10 years and previously Richard sat on the Executive Committee of The Boarding Schools Association ( B.S.A )and The Independent Association of Prep Schools ( I.A.P.S ). He is passionate about the merits and benefits of a boarding school education.

Windlesham has an outstanding record of ensuring children are offered places at their first choice Senior Schools whilst also giving those academically gifted pupils every opportunity to secure academic scholarships. Those children with exceptional talents in other spheres  (Art, Drama, DT,  ICT, Music, and sport )  are also strongly promoted to gain specific non-academic awards.

Windlesham sends to no fewer than 35 different schools each year so Richard’s knowledge and contacts with all the leading Senior Schools in the UK is invaluable to both current and prospective parents. In his career, he has in fact sent children to 66 different Senior Schools in the UK.

Richard is married to Rachel who is also a qualified teacher and amongst her many and varied roles have been Head of Pastoral Care and Safeguarding Lead at Windlesham. They have three children who have all gone onto careers in the Prep School world. In his spare time, Richard plays golf and enjoys any opportunity to spend time with his granddaughters.