26 Apr 2016


TUTORING We identify and recruit high quality

26 Apr 2016



We identify and recruit high quality residential and part time Tutors for your family. Tutors will be matched specifically to your educational needs, family circumstances and pattern of life.

Whilst all placements are different, here are a few brief examples of the types of positions that we select for:


Full time home schooling

The Client is resident in Hong Kong on business for a year long placement and would like to maintain the curriculum continuity for his two children by using a home Tutor rather than registering in an International school.


Evening Support

The Client is concerned that her daughter is struggling with her schoolwork, particularly in Mathematics and Sciences. She is looking for a Tutor to provide support for her after school, 3 evenings a week. The Tutor will also spend some time 2 evenings a week working with her younger brother, who is beginning to show an interest in the Classics and needs additional extending. This placement will be for 12.5 hrs a week.


Full time home schooling

The Clients do not want the formal educational approach that schools tend to offer and is seeking a full time tutor who will broaden their children’s experiences through a series of visits and project work rather than limiting their education to classroom learning. Although unorthodox, the Client feel that this approach will engender a lifelong love of learning.

We are always happy to talk about your individual requirements. We run an adaptable, consultative service that specifically meets your needs whatever your lifestyle, wherever you are in the world.

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