Why choose a British Independent School?

May 2016 Emma Swanson

Widely regarded as offering the ‘best education in the world’ the British Independent School has a long tradition of producing world leaders, confident young adults and academic achievers but what is it that makes it such a desirable educational option for parents all over the world?

Whilst their small class sizes, first class exam results and rigorous academic standards are well documented, it is perhaps less considered that each school offers a truly unique education. It is this true ‘independence’ that enables these schools to excel and provide such an exceptional education to those pupils who are fortunate enough to be able to experience it and who will, as a result, develop into well rounded dynamic individuals who are well prepared for their future beyond the classroom.

Steeped in rich historic tradition they may be, but independent schools are certainly not ‘out dated’ with many leading the way in terms of educational innovation. Wellington College is one such example of a leader in the field of preparing young people for an ever- evolving world.

Parents are spoilt for choice in terms of the wide variety of schools available; some schools catering for academically gifted students whilst others are geared more towards children who are musical or indeed excel in sports. The British Independent School system offers a diverse range of educational options.

Front Row Education are well placed to advise parents on the right choice of school for their children. We work closely with families to identify the best school for each child, where they will thrive.